Carolina Irving & Daughters is a lifestyle brand making art-inspired homeware, for the joy of living.

 The family’s shared love of art, travel and entertaining inspires its outlook on objects for the home. Ancient motifs and decorative patterns are remastered, seen anew through the Irving lens – and repurposed through pieces that bring a new energy to daily moments.

 Craftsmanship is at the heart of the brand’s curated collection. Every piece is made by local artisans in independent, family-run ateliers – from plates hand-painted in Portugal and pottery hand-thrown in Italy to glassware blown in Egypt and textiles block-printed and embroidered in India. Always handmade, always in small batches.

 Modern, joyful and purposeful, the collection is designed to be mixed and matched, set alfresco or indoors. Enjoyed as part of a celebratory family feast, or for a simple Tuesday supper.

 Carolina Irving & Daughters was founded by textile designer Carolina, with her daughters Olympia and Ariadne Irving. It was established in New York City, in 2018.




A textile designer by trade, Carolina Irving has spent decades scouring the world for examples of extraordinary craftsmanship, finding it in archives, museum collections and tiny, off-the-beaten-track ateliers on her travels. Born to Venezuelan parents and raised in Paris, she studied Art History and Archaeology at the École du Louvre, where she began her lifelong fascination with design and the decorative arts. She worked in magazines for several years before founding her eponymous textile atelier in 2006, creating vibrant fabrics that reinterpret colours and patterns from around the world, and from throughout history.

 Naturally, then, her daughters Olympia and Ariadne – whose father, an art dealer, is also inclined to hunt for treasures – grew up surrounded by textiles, art, antiques and other collectible curiosities. They travelled extensively together, learning about the trade routes which have shaped the history of culture, and cultivating a meticulous attention to detail. In their New York City home, the family was always hosting friends, family and other loved ones – and unearthing their ever-evolving collection of textiles and tableware.

 Olympia and Ariadne’s own interests led them to study Spanish and Film, and the History of Art, respectively, but their love of storied objects persisted. They always returned to the dining table and the memories they’ve shared around it – whether in London, where the sisters now share a home; in New York, where their father and childhood and family friends live; in Paris, where Carolina lives once again; or at their beach house in Melides, Portugal.

 In 2018 the trio came together around the dining table once more to launch Carolina Irving & Daughters, a lifestyle brand which began with the table-top, and soon expanded beyond it. Now, the three women work collaboratively, designing beautiful, purposeful objects, handmade by artisanal craftspeople to celebrate daily moments.